HANSE KITCHEN is your place for growth and community in Bremen’s food start-up scene. Together we shape the culinary land­scape of the city through inno­vative food concepts and novel recipes.

We are ready for you and your food start-up at our two spacious and cutting­-edge locations in Bremen, where we can support activities including production, product and recipe development, tastings and co-working, workshops and events. Use our profess­ional kitchen equipment for your first product batches, meet like-minded founders and exchange ideas on the latest food trends.

With you and your inno­vations, Food Hub Bremen and the diversity of our food ecosystem will thrive.
So – are you ready to start?

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HANSE KITCHEN supports you in the multi­ faceted processes of industry­-specific start-ups and market launches. From the early stages of planning and testing to production and consoli­ dation of business stuctures, our goal is to support your unqiue vision and business journey.

You've done plenty of testing, put together the perfect recipe, but are you ready for your product to take off? In our commercial production kitchen, you can take another step closer to entering the market. With the help of professional kitchen equipment, you can produce your first batch or use the space to expand test quantities to larger product batches. You will also find space to package your products because we believe you’re going to want to share what your team has been working on.
Do you have an idea for a new product in your range or would you like to develop the first prototype? Professional kitchen equipment is available at the HANSE KITCHEN locations. We have everything you need to try, test, produce and elevate your food vision with high-quality kitchen equipment, a fully equipped production kitchen and co-working spaces to help capture your ideas
We believe your product has great potential and in the right combinations it can become a great success story.. Now it's time to measure, taste and improve until the taste experience is perfect. Use all kitchen equipment as needed to fine-tune and perfect your recipe.
In the FOOD STUDIO at the Alte Schnapsfabrik location, several desks are available where you can work on the theoretical part of your food start-up. By exchanging ideas with other founders and/or your business partners, you can plan your market entry strategy, develop new recipes or process customer orders in a collaborative and energizing atmosphere.
Your use of HANSE KITCHEN doesn't have to stop at the end of the production process. Invite potential customers or experts to tastings to receive feedback to improve or finalize your product to ensure it is well prepared for market entry. A tasting of products already available on the market can help identify and harness the full potential of your food start-up.
Does your team needs space to let your vision grow? Is your start-up developing and do you want to have a strategy day or work on product ideas together? Rent our space to work on your ideas and plan your next steps as needed in events such as a seminar or workshop.
Good products want to be well staged.Food marketing thrives on how tasty a product looks, and not just since Instagram. Use our locations according to your needs for food photography and film shoots. Whether for the product catalogue, illustration of recipes or for social media channel content, our kitchen props, tripods and professional lighting are at your disposal.


Here we introduce our Bremen FOOD START-UP Community:

13. June 2023


10. July 2023


10. July 2023


10. July 2023

Tales of Terroir

10. July 2023

à table ! chez vous


The Food Hub Bremen has two locations in Bremen. The BECK'STAGE at the ÖVB Arena is perfect for use as a pro­duction kitchen for the pre­paration of larger product batches. The FOOD STUDIO at the Alte Schnapsfabrik is ideal for use as a develop­ment kitchen. This is a space primarily about creating, testing, net­working. Use and of the HANSE KITCHEN options according to your current needs.


In the FOOD STUDIO, the focus is primarily on detailed work for your start-up. Here you can tinker with new recipes, get to work on the numbers at one of the co-working spaces, or use the photo equipment for your product shoot. These rooms are also ideal for seminars and workshops.

Among other things, you'll find:

  • Large selection of kitchen equipment
    (e.g., Thermomix, KitchenAid, vacuum machines, etc.)
  • Common kitchen accessories
    (e.g. mortars, knife sets, rolling pins, etc.)
  • Crockery and cutlery
  • Co-working tables
  • Seminar technology (e.g. screen)

If you have any questions about the inventory or possible uses of the food studio, please feel free to drop us a line.

pricing list FOOD STUDIO


Mo. – So. | 08:00 – open end

netto brutto
Mind. 3 Stunden: 45,00 € 53,55 €
Je weitere Std:
15,00 €

17,85 €

CO-WORKING Schreibtische
1 Monat: 150,00 €

178,50 €

5 Stunden: 200,00 € 238,00 €
10 Stunden: 400,00 € 476,00 €
Je weitere Std:
25,00 €

29,75 €

Sonderreinigung netto brutto
Je Stunde: 35,00 € 41,65 €

With a fully equipped commercial kitchen and professional equipment, the BECK'STAGE offers the possibility to produce and confection in larger quantities.

You will find here among others:

  • Combi steamers
  • Induction hotplates / stone hotplate
  • Cooking kettle / tilting frying pan
  • Food Processor / Gemüseschneider
  • Pots and pans in large sizes
  • Cold storage and dry storage

If you have any questions about the inventory or possible uses of the production kitchen, feel free to drop us a line.

pricing list BECK'STAGE
Mo. – So. | 08:00 – 20:00 h
netto brutto
at least 8 hours: 100.00 € 119.00 €
Each additional hour: (max. 12 Std.) 12.50 € 14.88 €

special cleaning netto brutto
Je Stunde: 35.00 € 41.65 €




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